SAT Writing Practice Test

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Welcome to the ultimate online resource for SAT® test preparation! Our SAT Writing practice and review is fully aligned to current SAT standards and reinforces learning through the classic multiple-choice answer format as well as constructed response, free response, and technology-enhanced performance task formats.

Expression of Ideas 40%
Standard English Conventions 60%
Also includes:
  • SAT Strategies and Tips
  • Questions 3,927
  • Vocabulary Terms 141
  • Performance Tasks 207
  • Instructional Videos 87

Test Standards

Expression of Ideas
1. (EI.1)  Proposition
2. (EI.2)  Support
3. (EI.3)  Focus
4. (EI.4)  Quantitative info
5. (EI.5)  Logical sequence
6. (EI.6)  Introduce, conclude, transition
7. (EI.7)  Precision
8. (EI.8)  Concision
9. (EI.9)  Style and tone
10. (EI.10)  Syntax
Standard English Conventions
1. (SE.1)  Sentence boundaries
2. (SE.2)  Subordination / coordination
3. (SE.3)  Parallel structure
4. (SE.4)  Modifiers
5. (SE.5)  Tense, mood, voice
6. (SE.6)  Pronoun person and number
7. (SE.7)  Pronoun clarity
8. (SE.8)  Possessive determiners
9. (SE.9)  Pronoun-antecedent
10. (SE.10)  Subject-verb
11. (SE.11)  Noun agreement
12. (SE.12)  Frequently confused words
13. (SE.13)  Logical comparison
14. (SE.14)  Conventional expression
15. (SE.15)  End-of-sentence
16. (SE.16)  Within-sentence
17. (SE.17)  Possessives
18. (SE.18)  Series
19. (SE.19)  Nonrestrictive parenthetical
20. (SE.20)  Unnecessary punctuation
SAT Strategies and Tips
1. (ST.1)  SAT Strategies and Tips