South Carolina Grade 6 Math SC Ready (SCCCR) Practice

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The Number System23%
Ratios and Proportional Relationships16%
Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities23%
Geometry and Measurement16%
Data Analysis and Statistics22%
  • Questions: 2,962
  • Two-Part Items: 25
  • Vocabulary Terms: 201
  • Performance Tasks: 131
  • Instructional Videos: 71

Test Standards

The Number System
1. (6.NS.1)  Quotients
2. (6.NS.2)  Multi-digit Numbers
3. (6.NS.3)  Operations
4. (6.NS.4)  Factors And Multiples
5. (6.NS.5)  Opposites
6. (6.NS.6a)  Opposites On Number Line
7. (6.NS.6b)  Signs Of Coordinates
8. (6.NS.6cd)  Reflect And Plot
9. (6.NS.7a)  Interpret Statements
10. (6.NS.7b)  Statements Of Order
11. (6.NS.7c)  Situations
12. (6.NS.7d)  Absolute Value
13. (6.NS.7e)  Abs Value Vs. Ordering
14. (6.NS.8)  Coordinate Plane
15. (6.NS.9)  Multiple Representations
Ratios and Proportional Relationships
1. (6.RP.1)  Concept Of Ratio
2. (6.RP.2)  Ratios And Rates
3. (6.RP.3a)  Equivalent Ratios
4. (6.RP.3bc)  Represent And Compare
5. (6.RP.3d)  Unit Rate Problems
6. (6.RP.3e)  Percents
7. (6.RP.3f)  Ratio Reasoning
Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
1. (6.EEI.1)  Write And Evaluate
2. (6.EEI.2a)  Translate
3. (6.EEI.2b)  Parts Of Expressions
4. (6.EEI.2c)  Evaluate Expressions
5. (6.EEI.3)  Generate Expressions
6. (6.EEI.4)  Identify Equivalent Expressions
7. (6.EEI.5)  Solution Sets
8. (6.EEI.6)  Write Expressions
9. (6.EEI.7)  One-step Linear Equations
10. (6.EEI.8)  Inequalities
11. (6.EE.9)  Representations
Geometry and Measurement
1. (6.GM.1)  Find Areas
2. (6.GM.2)  Volume Models
3. (6.GM.3)  Polygons In The Plane
4. (6.GM.4)  Nets
Data Analysis and Statistics
1. (6.DS.1)  Statistical Questions
2. (6.DS.2)  Center And Spread
3. (6.DS.3)  Single Number
4. (6.DS.4)  Display
5. (6.DS.5a)  Sample Size
6. (6.DS.5b)  Qualitative Aspects
7. (6.DS.5c)  Measures Of Center
8. (6.DS.5d)  Measures Of Variability
9. (6.DS.5ef)  Shape And Measures
10. (6.DS.5g)  Insert/delete Data