South Carolina 6th Grade Science PASS (SCSAS) Practice

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Earth Science: Earth's Weather and Climate25%
Physical Science: Energy Transfer and Conservation25%
Life Science: Diversity of Life - Classification and Animals25%
Life Science: Diversity of Life - Protists, Fungi, and Plants25%
Also includes:
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Questions: 2,786
  • Two-Part Items: 43
  • Vocabulary Terms: 296
  • Performance Tasks: 166
  • Instructional Videos: 68

Test Standards

Science and Engineering Practices
1. (H.B.1A.1 )  Ask Questions
2. (H.B.1A.2 )  Develop Models
3. (H.B.1A.3 )  Conduct Investigations
4. (H.B.1A.4 )  Interpret Data
5. (H.B.1A.5 )  Use Math
6. (H.B.1A.6 )  Construct Explanations
7. (H.B.1A.7 )  Construct Arguements
8. (H.B.1A.8 )  Obtain And Evaluate Information
9. (H.B.1B.1 )  Design Solutions
Earth Science: Earth's Weather and Climate
1. (6.E.2.A.1.)  Layers Of Atmosphere
2. (6.E.2A.2)  Composition Of Earth's Atmosphere
3. (6.E.2A.3)  Water Cycle
4. (6.E.2B.1)  Interpret Weather Data
5. (6.E.2B.2)  Causes Of Weather Conditions
6. (6.E.2B.3)  Solar Energy And Convection
7. (6.E.2B.4)  Determining Factors For Climate
Physical Science: Energy Transfer and Conservation
1. (6P.3.A.1.)  Forms Of Energy
2. (6.P.3A.2)  Energy Transformation
3. (6.P.3A.3)  Explain Energy Conservation
4. (6.P.3A.4)  Magnetic Fields
5. (6.P.3A.5)  Heat Transfer
6. (6.P.3A.6)  Heat Transfer Devices
7. (6.P.3B.1)  Simple Machines
8. (6.P.3B.2)  Improve Machine Efficiency
Life Science: Diversity of Life - Classification and Animals
1. (6L.4.A.1.)  Characteristics Of LIfe
2. (6.L.4A.2)  Classify Organisms
3. (6.L.4B.1)  Shared Characteristics
4. (6.L.4B.2)  Adaptations And Processes
5. (6.L.4B.3)  Responses To Stimuli
6. (6.L.4B.4)  Animal Behaviors
7. (6.L.4B.5)  Endothermic And Ectothermic Animals
Life Science: Diversity of Life - Protists, Fungi, and Plants
1. (6L.5.A.1.)  Structures Of Protists
2. (6.L.5A.2)  Fungi Responses
3. (6.L.5B.1)  Internal Plant Structures
4. (6.L.5B.2)  Plant Processes
5. (6.L.5B.3)  Structural Adaptations
6. (6.L.5B.4)  Changes In Environmental Factors
7. (6.L.5B.5)  External Stimuli