Biology EOC Practice and Test Review

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Science and Engineering Practices14%
Cells as a System24%
Energy Transfer15%
Heredity-Inheritance and Variation of Traits16%
Ecosystem Dynamics15%
  • Questions: 3,094
  • Two-Part Items: 54
  • Vocabulary Terms: 352
  • Performance Tasks: 234
  • Instructional Videos: 85

Test Standards

Science and Engineering Practices
1. (H.B.1A.1 )  Ask Questions
2. (H.B.1A.2 )  Develop Models
3. (H.B.1A.3 )  Conduct Investigations
4. (H.B.1A.4 )  Interpret Data
5. (H.B.1A.5 )  Use Math
6. (H.B.1A.6 )  Construct Explanations
7. (H.B.1A.7 )  Construct Arguements
8. (H.B.1A.8 )  Obtain And Evaluate Information
9. (H.B.1B.1 )  Design Solutions
Cells as a System
1. (H.B.2.A.1)  Biomolecules
2. (H.B.2.A.2.)  Enzyme Activity And Biochemical Reactions
3. (H.B.2.B.1)  Models Of Cell Structure
4. (H.B.2.B.2.)  Compare Cell Types
5. (H.B.2.B.3.)  Viruses
6. (H.B.2.C.1.)  Cell Membrane And Homeostasis
7. (H.B.2C.2)  Maintaining Homeostasis
8. (H.B.2C.3)  Molecular Movement
9. (H.B.2D.1)  Models Of Cell Processes
10. (H.B.2D.2)  Models Of Cell Changes
11. (H.B.2D.3)  Cell Cycle
12. (H.B.2D.4)  Applications Of Stem Cells
Energy Transfer
1. (H.B.3.A.1)  ATP And ADP
2. (H.B.3A.2)  Photosynthesis
3. (H.B.3A.3)  Chemical Elements
4. (H.B.3A.4)  Cellular Respiration
5. (H.B.3A.5)  Fermentation And Respiration
Heredity-Inheritance and Variation of Traits
1. (H.B.4A.1)  DNA, Genes, Chromosomes
2. (H.B.4A.2)  Mitosis
3. (H.B.4B.1)  DNA And RNA
4. (H.B.4B.2)  Uses Of Biotechnology
5. (H.B.4C.1)  Models Of Meiosis
6. (H.B.4C.2)  Variation Of Traits
7. (H.B.4C.3)  Meiosis And Fertilization
8. (H.B.4D.1)  DNA Mutations
1. (B-5.1)  Natural Selection Process
2. (B-5.2)  Continuity Of Life-forms
3. (B-5.3)  Diversity Increases Survival
4. (B-5.4)  Genetic Variability Biological Evolution
5. (B-5.5)  Scientific Evidence Anatomy, Embryology, Etc
6. (B-5.6)  Scientists Use Data
7. (B-5.7)  Phylogenetic Tree Evolutionary Relationships
Ecosystem Dynamics
1. (H.B.6A.1.)  Changes In Abiotic And Biotic Components
2. (H.B.6A.2)  Limiting Factors
3. (H.B.6B.1)  Models Of Carbon Cycle
4. (H.B.6B.2)  Effects Of Greenhouse Gases
5. (H.B.6C.1)  Biotic And Abiotic Components
6. (H.B.6D.1)  Design Solutions