South Carolina Chemistry (SCSAS) Practice

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Atomic Structure and Nuclear Processes24%
Bonding and Chemical Formulas24%
States of Matter10%
Solutions, Acids, and Bases14%
Chemical Reactions14%
Thermochemistry and Chemical Kinetics14%
Also includes:
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Questions: 1,686
  • Two-Part Items: 26
  • Vocabulary Terms: 227
  • Performance Tasks: 164
  • Instructional Videos: 84

Test Standards

Science and Engineering Practices
1. (H.C.1A.1 )  Ask Questions
2. (H.C.1A.2 )  Develop Models
3. (H.C.1A.3 )  Conduct Investigations
4. (H.C.1A.4 )  Interpret Data
5. (H.C.1A.5 )  Use Math
6. (H.C.1A.6 )  Construct Explanations
7. (H.C.1A.7 )  Construct Arguments
8. (H.C.1A.8 )  Obtain And Evaluate Information
9. (H.C.1B.1 )  Design Solutions
Atomic Structure and Nuclear Processes
1. (H.C.2A.1)  Subatomic Particles
2. (H.C.2A.2)  Electrons In The Bohr And Quantum Models
3. (H.C.2A.3)  Absorption And Emission Spectra
4. (H.C.2B.1)  Alpha, Beta, Gamma
5. (H.C.2B.2)  Half-life And Radioactive Decay
6. (H.C.2B.3)  Nuclear Fission And Fusion
7. (H.C.2B.4)  Mass, Energy And Nuclear Reactions
Bonding and Chemical Formulas
1. (H.C.3A.1)  Covalent And Ionic Bonds
2. (H.C.3A.2)  Chemical Formulas And Names
3. (H.C.3A.3)  Predict Bonds - Lewis Dot And Oxidation Numbers
4. (H.C.3A.4)  Properties And Bonds
5. (H.C.3A.5)  Hydrocarbons And Isomers
6. (H.C.3A.6)  Polymers
7. (H.C.3A.7)  Empirical Formulas And Percent Composition
States of Matter
1. (H.C.4A.1)  Solids, Liquids, Gases, Plasma
2. (H.C.4A.2)  Heating Curves And States Of Matter
3. (H.C.4A.3)  Behavior Of Gases
Solutions, Acids, and Bases
1. (H.C.5A.1)  Dissolution And Solvation
2. (H.C.5A.2)  Temperature, Pressure And Solubility
3. (H.C.5A.3)  Molarity And Percent By Mass
4. (H.C.5A.4)  Acids, Bases, And Salts
Chemical Reactions
1. (H.C.6A.1)  Model Chemical Reactions
2. (H.C.6A.2)  Chemical Equilibria
3. (H.C.6A.3)  Conservation Of Mass
4. (H.C.6A.4)  Stoichiometry
Thermochemistry and Chemical Kinetics
1. (H.C.7A.1)  Energy Released And Absorbed
2. (H.C.7A.2)  Thermochemical Equations And Energy Diagrams
3. (H.C.7A.3)  Rate Of Chemical Reactions
4. (H.C.7A.4)  Activation Energy And Rate Of Reaction