South Carolina Probability and Statistics (SCCCR) Practice

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Conditional Probability and Rules of Probability 1%
Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions 1%
Interpreting Data1%
Using Probability to Make Decisions 1%
  • Questions: 1,532
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 67
  • Instructional Videos: 38
  • Vocabulary Terms: 153

Test Standards

Conditional Probability and Rules of Probability
1. (SPCR.1 )  Sets Of Outcomes
2. (SPCR.2 )  Independent Events
3. (SPCR.3)  Conditional Probability
4. (SPCR.4)  Frequency Tables
5. (SPCR.5)  Probability And Independence
6. (SPCR.6 )  Find Probability
7. (SPCR.7 )  Addition Rule
8. (SPCR.8 )  Permutations
Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions
1. (SPMJ.1*)  Understand Statistics
2. (SPMJ.2*)  Theoretical And Experimental
3. (SPMJ.3)  Purposes And Differences
4. (SPMJ.4)  Estimate Mean
5. (SPMJ.5)  Randomized Experiment
6. (SPMJ.6)  Evaluate Reports
Interpreting Data
1. (SPID.1*)  Data Plots
2. (SPID.2*)  Data Distribution
3. (SPID.3*)  Interpret Differences
4. (SPID.4)  Normal Distribution
5. (SPID.5*)  Categorical Data
6. (SPID.6* )  Scatter Plot
7. (SPID.7*)  Slope And Intercept
8. (SPID.8*)  Correlation Coefficient
9. (SPID.9)  Correlation And Causation
Using Probability to Make Decisions
1. (SPMD.1)  Define Random Variable
2. (SPMD.2)  Calculate Value
3. (SPMD.3 )  Probability Distribution
4. (SPMD.4* )  Develop Probability
5. (SPMD.5*)  Fair Decisions
6. (SPMD.6* )  Use Probabilities