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3rd Grade Science (SCAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,050
  • Vocabulary Terms 162
  • Performance Tasks 128
  • Instructional Videos 47

Test Standards

  1. (3.S.1A.1) Ask Questions and Define Problems
  2. (3.S.1A.2) Develop and Use Models
  3. (3.S.1A.3) Plan and Conduct Investigations
  4. (3.S.1A.4) Analyze and Interpret Data
  5. (3.S.1A.5) Use Mathematical and Computational Thinking
  6. (3.S.1A.6) Construct Explainations and Design Solutions
  7. (3.S.1A.7) Engage in Scientific Argument from Evidence
  8. (3.S.1A.8) Obtain, Evaluate, and Communicate Information
  9. (3.S.1B.1) Technology
  1. (3.P.2A.1) Physical Properties of Matter
  2. (3.P.2A.2) Classifying Matter
  3. (3.P.2A.3) Heat Changes Matter
  4. (3.P.2A.4) Processes Producing Heat
  5. (3.P.2A.5) Conductors and Insulators
  1. (3.P.3A.1) Transforming Electrical Energy
  2. (3.P.3A.2) Electrical Circuits
  3. (3.P.3A.3) Materials Conduct Electricity
  4. (3.P.3B.1) Magnets and Electromagnets
  5. (3.P.3B.2) Strength of Electromagnets
  1. (3.E.4A.1) Describe and Compare Earth Materials
  2. (3.E.4A.2) Land and Water Features
  3. (3.E.4A.3) Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
  4. (3.E.4B.1) Describe and Classify Landforms
  5. (3.E.4B.2) Processes Shape Earths Surface
  6. (3.E.4B.3) Natural and Human Events
  7. (3.E.4B.4) Problems and Solutions
  1. (3.L.5A.1) Characteristics of Environments
  2. (3.L.5A.2) Food Chains and Energy
  3. (3.L.5B.1) Changes in Habitats
  4. (3.L.5B.2) Plants and Animals Respond to Changes
  5. (3.L.5B.3) Fossil Evidence and Evolution

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