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4th Grade Science SCPASS (SCAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,370
  • Vocabulary Terms 242
  • Performance Tasks 125
  • Instructional Videos 59

Test Standards

  1. (4.S.1A.1) Ask Questions and Define Problems
  2. (4.S.1A.2) Develop and Use Models
  3. (4.S.1A.3) Plan and Conduct Investigations
  4. (4.S.1A.4) Analyze and Interpret Data
  5. (4.S.1A.5) Use Mathematical and Computational Thinking
  6. (4.S.1A.6) Construct Explainations and Design Solutions
  7. (4.S.1A.7) Engage in Scientific Argument from Evidence
  8. (4.S.1A.8) Obtain, Evaluate, and Communicate Information
  9. (4.S.1B.1) Technology
  1. (4.E.2A.1) Earth's Atmosphere
  2. (4.E.2A.2) Water Cycle
  3. (4.E.2B.1) Analyze and Interpret Weather Data
  4. (4.E.2B.2) Severe Weather Conditions
  5. (4.E.2B.3) Climate vs Weather
  1. (4.E.3A.1) Models of Solar System
  2. (4.E.3A.2) Constellations and Apparent Motion
  3. (4.E.3A.3) Astronomy and Exploration
  4. (4.E.3B.1) Motion and Appearance of Moon
  5. (4.E.3B.2) Night and Day
  6. (4.E.3B.3) The Sun and Shadows
  7. (4.E.3B.4) The Seasons
  1. (4.P.4A.1) White Light
  2. (4.P.4A.2) Light Brightness
  3. (4.P.4A.3) Light and Visibility
  4. (4.P.4A.4) Light Travels and Interacts
  5. (4.P.4A.5) Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
  6. (4.P.4B.1) Investigate Sound
  7. (4.P.4B.2) Vibrations: Pitch and Volume
  8. (4.P.4B.3) Devices for Communications
  1. (4.L.5A.1) Classify Plants and Animals
  2. (4.L.5A.2) Development of Seed Plants
  3. (4.L.5A.3) Animals: Growth and Development
  4. (4.L.5A.4) Traits
  5. (4.L.5B.1) Respond to Stimuli
  6. (4.L.5B.2) Plant Adaptations
  7. (4.L.5B.3) Animal Adaptations

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