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5th Grade Science (SCAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,259
  • Vocabulary Terms 205
  • Performance Tasks 105
  • Instructional Videos 48

Test Standards

  1. (4.S.1A.1) Ask Questions and Define Problems
  2. (4.S.1A.2) Develop and Use Models
  3. (4.S.1A.3) Plan and Conduct Investigations
  4. (4.S.1A.4) Analyze and Interpret Data
  5. (4.S.1A.5) Use Mathematical and Computational Thinking
  6. (4.S.1A.6) Construct Explainations and Design Solutions
  7. (4.S.1A.7) Engage in Scientific Argument from Evidence
  8. (4.S.1A.8) Obtain, Evaluate, and Communicate Information
  9. (4.S.1B.1) Technology
  1. (5.P.2A.1 ) Physical Properties of Matter
  2. (5.P.2B.1) Mixing
  3. (5.P.2B.2) Mass of a Mixture
  4. (5.P.2B.3) Models of Mixtures
  5. (5.P.2B.4) Solution Concentration
  6. (5.P.2B.5) Rate of Dissolving
  7. (5.P.2B.6) Separating Mixtures
  1. (5.E.3A.1) Water and Surface Features
  2. (5.E.3A.2) Comparing Landforms
  3. (5.E.3B.1) Processes affect Earth's Surface
  4. (5.E.3B.2) Oceans and the Shore Zone
  5. (5.E.3B.3) Human Activities and Earth
  6. (5.E.3B.4) Problems and Solutions
  1. (5.L.4A.1) Abiotic Factors
  2. (5.L.4A.2) Biotic Factors
  3. (5.L.4B.1) Organisms Obtain Energy
  4. (5.L.4B.2) Food Chains and Webs
  5. (5.L.4B.3) Organisms Interact
  6. (5.L.4B.4) Limiting Factors in Ecosystems
  1. (5.P.5A.1) Motion of an Object
  2. (5.P.5A.2) Force and Motion
  3. (5.P.5A.3) Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  4. (5.P.5A.4) Factors Influencing Motion
  5. (5.P.5A.5) Reducing Friction

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