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Algebra 2 (SCCCR) Practice

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  • Questions 4,341
  • Vocabulary Terms 188
  • Performance Tasks 176
  • Instructional Videos 122

Test Standards

  1. (A2.AAPR.1*) Polynomials form
  2. (A2.AAPR.3) Graph polynomials
  1. (A2.ACE.1* ) Create equations and inequalities
  2. (A2.ACE.2*) Create equations
  3. (A2.ACE.3) Represent constraints
  4. (A2.ACE.4*) Rearrange formulas
  1. (A2.AREI.2*) Rational & radical equations
  2. (A2.AREI.4*b) Solve quadratic equations
  3. (A2.AREI.7) Nonlinear systems
  4. (A2.AREI.11*) f(x) = g(x)
  1. (A2.ASE.1*) Interpret parts
  2. (A2.ASE.2*) Expression structure
  3. (A2.ASE.3*) Solutions, zeros of quadratics
  1. (A2.FBF.1*a) Write a function
  2. (A2.FBF.1*b) Combine functions
  3. (A2.FBF.2*) Write sequences
  4. (A2.FBF.3*) Effect on the graph
  1. (A2.FIF.3*) Define functions
  2. (A2.FIF.4*) Interpret features
  3. (A2.FIF.5*) Domain and range
  4. (A2.FIF.6*) Rate of change
  5. (A2.FIF.7*) Graph linear, quadratic, exponential
  6. (A2.FIF.8*) Exponent properties
  7. (A2.FIF.9*) Compare functions
  1. (A2.FLQE.1*) Growth, decay
  2. (A2.FLQE.2*) Symbolic representations
  3. (A2.FLQE.5*) Interpret parameters
  1. (A2.NCNS.1*) Complex unit
  2. (A2.NCNS.7*) Solve quadratics

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