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Calculus (SCCCR) Practice

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  • Questions 1,265
  • Vocabulary Terms 78
  • Performance Tasks 37
  • Instructional Videos 33

Test Standards

  1. (C.LC.1a) Estimate and verify
  2. (C.LC.1b) Calculate limits
  3. (C.LC.1c) Limits and infinity
  4. (C.LC.2a) Continuity defined
  5. (C.LC.2b) Discontinuities
  6. (C.LC.2c) Intermediate Value Theorem
  1. (C.D.1a) Derivative as slope
  2. (C.D.1b) Slope as instantaneous rate
  3. (C.D.1c) Approximate graphically
  4. (C.D.1d) Differentiability & continuity
  5. (C.D.1e) Rates of change
  6. (C.D.1f) Determine derivatives
  7. (C.D.2a) Know and apply
  8. (C.D.2b) Derivative rules
  9. (C.D.2c) Implicit and logarithmic
  10. (C.D.3a) EVT and MVT
  11. (C.D.3b) Tangent equations
  12. (C.D.3c) f and f-prime
  13. (C.D.3d) First and second derivative
  14. (C.D.3e) Real-world problems
  1. (C.I.1a) Area problems
  2. (C.I.1b) Riemann sums
  3. (C.I.1c) Integral as a limit
  4. (C.I.1d) Fundamental Theorem
  5. (C.I.2a) Apply the FTC
  6. (C.I.2b) Definite integral properties
  7. (C.I.2c) Evaluate integrals

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