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Earth Science (SCAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (H.B.1A.1 ) Ask Questions
  2. (H.B.1A.2 ) Develop Models
  3. (H.B.1A.3 ) Conduct Investigations
  4. (H.B.1A.4 ) Interpret Data
  5. (H.B.1A.5 ) Use Math
  6. (H.B.1A.6 ) Construct Explanations
  7. (H.B.1A.7 ) Construct Arguements
  8. (H.B.1A.8 ) Obtain and Evaluate Information
  9. (H.B.1B.1 ) Design Solutions
  1. (H.E.2A.1) Formation of Galaxies
  2. (H.E.2A.2) Classify stars
  3. (H.E.2A.3) Formation of elements
  4. (H.E.2A.4) Origin of the universe
  5. (H.E.2A.5) Telescopes and computer modeling
  6. (H.E.2B.1) Properties of planets
  7. (H.E.2B.2) Properties of the moon
  8. (H.E.2B.3) Orbiting object
  9. (H.E.2B.4) Solar system formation
  1. (H.E.3.A.1.) Earth's Internal Structure
  2. (H.E.3A.2) Plate tectonics
  3. (H.E.3A.3) Crustal changes
  4. (H.E.3A.4) Seismic graphs
  5. (H.E.3A.5) Minerals and rocks
  6. (H.E.3A.6) Model geologic processes
  7. (H.E.3A.7) Rate of weathering
  8. (H.E.3A.8) Components of soil
  9. (H.E.3B.1) Ores and fossil fuels
  10. (H.E.3B.2) Managing natural resources
  11. (H.E.3B.3) Natural hazards
  12. (H.E.3B.4) Controversial human activities
  13. (H.E.3B.5) Solutions for natural hazard
  1. (H.E.4.A.1.) Earth and carbon-based life
  2. (H.E.4A.2) Alterations caused by life forms
  3. (H.E.4A.3) Changes in Earth and life
  4. (H.E.4A.4) Earth's environmental conditions
  5. (H.E.4A.5) Dating methods
  6. (H.E.4A.6) Isotope ratios
  7. (H.E.4A.7) Global carbon cycling
  1. (H.E.5.A.1.) Layers of Earth's atmosphere
  2. (H.E.5A.2) Solar incidence and Earth's axial tilt
  3. (H.E.5A.3) Predict weather conditions
  4. (H.E.5A.4) Convection and wind patterns
  5. (H.E.5A.5) Severe weather conditions
  6. (H.E.5A.6) Global circulation patterns
  7. (H.E.5A.7) Changes in climate
  8. (H.E.5A.8) Human activities and climate change
  1. (H.E.6.A.1.) Saltwater and Freshwater
  2. (H.E.6A.2) Availability of water
  3. (H.E.6A.3) Erosion and deposition
  4. (H.E.6A.4) Drainage basin hydrology
  5. (H.E.6A.5) Quality of water
  6. (H.E.6A.6) Limestone formations
  7. (H.E.6A.7) Convection of ocean water
  8. (H.E.6A.8) Waves and currents
  9. (H.E.6A.9) Preventative devices

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