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Foundations in Algebra (SCCCR) Practice

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  • Questions 3,591
  • Vocabulary Terms 220
  • Performance Tasks 205
  • Instructional Videos 131

Test Standards

  1. (FA.ACE.1* ) Create equations and inequalities
  2. (FA.ACE.2*) Create equations
  3. (FA.ACE.4*) Rearrange formulas
  1. (FA.AREI.1*) Explain steps in solving simple equation
  2. (FA.AREI.3*) Linear equations & inequalities
  3. (FA.AREI.5) Same solutions
  4. (FA.AREI.6*) Solve systems
  5. (FA.AREI.10*) Equation graph
  6. (FA.AREI.11*) x-coordinate solutions
  7. (FA.AREI.12*) Graph solutions
  1. (FA.ASE.1*) Interpret parts
  2. (FA.FBF.3*) Effect on the graph
  1. (FA.FIF.1*ab) Functions
  2. (FA.FIF.2*) Evaluate functions
  3. (FA.FIF.4*) Interpret features
  4. (FA.FIF.5*) Domain and range
  5. (FA.FIF.7*) Graph linear, quadratic, exponential
  6. (FA.FIF.8*) Factor and complete square
  7. (FA.FIF.9*) Compare functions
  1. (FA.FLQE.1*) Linear and exponential
  2. (FA.FLQE.3*) Exponential vs. polynomial
  3. (FA.FLQE.5*) Interpret parameters
  1. (FA.NQ.1*) Use units
  2. (FA.NQ.2*) Define quantities
  3. (FA.NQ.3*) Level of accuracy
  1. (FA.NRNS.1*) Rewrite expressions
  2. (FA.NRNS.2*) Rational exponents to radicals
  3. (FA.NRNS.3) Rational closure
  1. (FA.SPID.5*) Categorical Data
  2. (FA.SPID.6*) Scatterplots
  3. (FA.SPID.7*) Model linear data
  4. (FA.SPID.8* ) Correlation coefficient
  1. (FA.SPMJ.1*) Understand Statistics
  2. (FA.SPMJ.2*) Theoretical and experimental
  1. (FA.SPMD.4* ) Develop Probability
  2. (FA.SPMD.5*) Fair decisions
  3. (FA.SPMD.6* ) Use Probabilities

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