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  • Questions 5,868
  • Vocabulary Terms 751
  • Performance Tasks 185
  • Instructional Videos 204

Test Standards

  1. (USHC-1.1) Colonial Characteristics
  2. (USHC-1.2) Foundations of Representative Government
  3. (USHC-1.3) The American Revolution
  4. (USHC-1.4) The Articles of Confederation
  5. (USHC-1.5) The U.S. Constitution
  6. (USHC-1.6) Foundation of the Two Parties
  7. (USHC-1.7) Early Supreme Court Rulings
  1. (USHC-2.1) Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy
  2. (USHC-2.2 ) Monroe Doctrine & Manifest Destiny
  3. (USHC-2.3) Sectionalism: Economics & Politics
  4. (USHC-2.4) Sectionalism: Culture & Society
  1. (USHC-3.1) Causes of the Civil War
  2. (USHC-3.2) The Civil War
  3. (USHC-3.3 ) Reconstruction Era
  4. (USHC-3.4) End of Reconstruction
  5. (USHC-3.5) African Americans After Reconstruction
  1. (USHC- 4.1) Transcontinental Railroad
  2. (USHC-4.2) Economic Growth
  3. (USHC-4.3) Capitalism & Democracy
  4. (USHC-4.4) The Populist Movement
  5. (USHC-4.5) The Urbanization of American
  6. (USHC-4.6) The Progressive Movement
  1. (USHC-5.1) Isolation to Intervention
  2. (USHC-5.2) The Spanish American War
  3. (USHC-5.3) Early 20th Century Diplomacy
  4. (USHC-5.4) World War I
  5. (USHC-5.5) Post-World War I Isolation
  1. (USHC-6.1) The Roaring '20s
  2. (USHC-6.2 ) 1920's Social Change
  3. (USHC-6.3) The Great Depression
  4. (USHC-6.4 ) The New Deal
  1. (USHC-7.1) Events Leading to World War II
  2. (USHC-7.2) World War II: Homefront
  3. (USHC-7.3) World War II: Allied Cooperation
  4. (USHC-7.4) World War II: The Human Cost
  5. (USHC-7.5) Early Cold War
  6. (USHC-7.6) Post- World War II Societal Changes
  1. (USHC-8.1) Civil Rights Movement
  2. (USHC-8.2 ) Johnson & Nixon
  3. (USHC-8.3) The Vietnam War
  4. (USHC-8.4) The Conservative Movement
  5. (USHC-8.5) The Post-Reagan Era
  6. (USHC-8.6) The U.S. & the World

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