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World Geography (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 2,004
  • Vocabulary Terms 354
  • Performance Tasks 78
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Test Standards

  1. (WG-1.1) Opportunities & Obstacles
  2. (WG-1.2) Human Characteristics of Place
  3. (WG-1.3) Regions
  4. (WG-1.4) Changing Views
  5. (WG-1.5) Views of Places
  1. (WG-2.1) Earth's Physical Systems
  2. (WG-2.2) Earth-Sun Relationship
  3. (WG-2.3) Changes Caused by Physical Processes
  4. (WG-2.4) Influencing Ecosystems
  5. (WG-2.5) Changes in Biomes
  6. (WG-2.6) Biodiversity
  1. (WG-3.1) Demographic Patterns
  2. (WG-3.2) Population Issues
  3. (WG-3.3) Push & Pull Factors
  4. (WG-3.4) Human Migration
  5. (WG-3.5) Responses to Migration
  1. (WG-4.1) Characteristics of Culture
  2. (WG-4.2) Differing Cultural Views
  3. (WG-4.3) Cultural Conflict & Cooperation
  4. (WG-4.4) Spatial Processes
  5. (WG-4.5) Blending of Cultures
  1. (WG-5.1) Spatial Distribution
  2. (WG-5.2) Major Economic Systems
  3. (WG-5.3) Economic Activities
  4. (WG-5.4) Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities
  5. (WG-5.5) Global Trade Systems
  6. (WG-5.6) Distribution of Goods
  1. (WG-6.1) Rural and Urban Changes
  2. (WG-6.2) Rural and Urban Structure
  3. (WG-6.3) Globalization
  4. (WG-6.4) Rural and Urban Daily Life
  5. (WG-6.5) Urban Models
  6. (WG-6.6) Emerging Urban Forms
  1. (WG-7.1) Controlling the Earth's Surface
  2. (WG-7.2) Boundary Conflicts
  3. (WG-7.3) Changing Political Boundaries
  4. (WG-7.4) Shapes of Nations
  5. (WG-7.5) Competition for Resources
  6. (WG-7.6) Globalization & Citizenship
  1. (WG-8.1) Impact of Technology
  2. (WG-8.2) Modifying the Environment
  3. (WG-8.3) Mitigating Hazards
  4. (WG-8.4) Spatial Distribution of Humans
  5. (WG-8.5) Policy Decisions

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