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7th Grade Math SC READY (SCCCR) Practice

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  • Questions 3,742
  • Vocabulary Terms 154
  • Performance Tasks 177
  • Instructional Videos 78

Test Standards

  1. (7.NS.1a) Additive inverse
  2. (7.NS.1b) Sum of rationals
  3. (7.NS.1cd) Subtraction and distance
  4. (7.NS.1e) Apply properties
  5. (7.NS.2a) Multiplicative inverse
  6. (7.NS.2bc) Multiply/divide rationals
  7. (7.NS.2d) Apply properties
  8. (7.NS.2e) Rewrite rationals
  9. (7.NS.3) Solve problems
  10. (7.NS.4) Compare and order
  11. (7.NS.5) Translate
  1. (7.RP.1) Unit rates
  2. (7.RP.2a) Proportional relationships
  3. (7.RP.2bc) Constant of proportionality
  4. (7.RP.2d) Use equations
  5. (7.RP.2e) Investigate graph
  6. (7.RP.3) Solve problems
  1. (7.EEI.1) Simplify and factor
  2. (7.EEI.2) Rewrite expressions
  3. (7.EEI.3) Order of operations
  4. (7.EEI.4ab) Linear equations
  5. (7.EEI.4cd) Linear inequalities
  6. (7.EEI.5) Laws of exponents
  1. (7.GM.1) Scale factor
  2. (7.GM.2) Construct triangles
  3. (7.GM.3) Cross-sections
  4. (7.GM.4ab) Diameter, radius, circumference
  5. (7.GM.4cd) Circumference and area
  6. (7.GM.5) Angle relationships
  7. (7.GM.6) Solve problems
  1. (7.DSP.1) Sampling
  2. (7.DSP.2) Draw inferences
  3. (7.DSP.3) Compare displays
  4. (7.DSP.4) Compare measures
  5. (7.DSP.5) Chance events
  6. (7.DSP.6) Approximate outcomes
  7. (7.DSP.7a) Uniform probability
  8. (7.DSP.7bc) Test models
  9. (7.DSP.8abc) Compound events
  10. (7.DSP.8de) Simulations

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