7th Grade Science PASS (SCSAS) Practice

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Classification and Conservation of Matter 25%
Organization of Living Systems 25%
Heredity - Inheritance and Variation of Traits 25%
Ecology: Interactions of Living Systems and the Environment 25%
Also includes:
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Questions 2,879
  • Vocabulary Terms 441
  • Performance Tasks 243
  • Instructional Videos 107

Test Standards

Science and Engineering Practices
1. (H.B.1A.1 )  Ask Questions
2. (H.B.1A.2 )  Develop Models
3. (H.B.1A.3 )  Conduct Investigations
4. (H.B.1A.4 )  Interpret Data
5. (H.B.1A.5 )  Use Math
6. (H.B.1A.6 )  Construct Explanations
7. (H.B.1A.7 )  Construct Arguements
8. (H.B.1A.8 )  Obtain and Evaluate Information
9. (H.B.1B.1 )  Design Solutions
Classification and Conservation of Matter
1. (7.P.2.A.1.)  Atomic Models
2. (7.P.2.A.2)  Periodic Table
3. (7.P.2.A.3)  Substances and Mixtures
4. (7.P.2.A.4)  Ionic and Covalent
5. (7.P.2.B.1)  Physical and Chemical Properties
6. (7.P.2.B.2)  Mathematical and Computational
7. (7.P.2.B.3)  Physical and Chemical Properties
8. (7.P.2.B.4)  Scientific Investigations
9. (7.P.2.B.5)  Develop Models
Organization of Living Systems
1. (7.L.3.A.1)  Cell Theory
2. (7.L.3.A.2)  Classify Cells
3. (7.L.3.A.3)  Use Models
4. (7.L.3.A.4)  Bacteria and Environment
5. (7.L.3.B.1)  Multicellular Organisms
6. (7.L.3.B.2)  Human Body Systems
Heredity - Inheritance and Variation of Traits
1. (7.L.4.A.1.)  Genes, Chromosomes, and Traits
2. (7.L.4.A.2)  Genetic Information
3. (7.L.4.A.3)  Punnett Squares
4. (7.L.4.A.4)  Phenotypes and Genotypes
5. (7.L.4.A.5)  Scientific Arguments
6. (7.L.4.A.6)  Support Claims
Ecology: Interactions of Living Systems and the Environment
1. (7.EC.5.A.1)  Organization within Ecosystems
2. (7.EC.5A.2)  Soil Quality
3. (7.EC.5A.3)  Interpret Data
4. (7.EC.5B.1)  Use Models
5. (7.EC.5B.2)  Food Webs
6. (7.EC.5B.3)  Ecosystem Balance
7. (7.EC.5B.4)  New Species