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8th Grade Science SCPASS (SCAS) Practice

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  • Questions 4,407
  • Vocabulary Terms 441
  • Performance Tasks 234
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Test Standards

  1. (H.B.1A.1 ) Ask Questions
  2. (H.B.1A.2 ) Develop Models
  3. (H.B.1A.3 ) Conduct Investigations
  4. (H.B.1A.4 ) Interpret Data
  5. (H.B.1A.5 ) Use Math
  6. (H.B.1A.6 ) Construct Explanations
  7. (H.B.1A.7 ) Construct Arguements
  8. (H.B.1A.8 ) Obtain and Evaluate Information
  9. (H.B.1B.1 ) Design Solutions
  1. (8.P.2.A.1.) Force, Mass and Motion
  2. (8.P.2A.2) Force, Magnitude, and Direction
  3. (8.P.2A.3) Mass and Inertia
  4. (8.P.2A.4) Equal and Opposite Force
  5. (8.P.2A.5) Force, Speed, and Direction
  6. (8.P.2A.6) Graph Motion and Speed
  7. (8.P.2A.7) Average Speed
  1. (8.P.3.A.1.) Matter and Energy in Waves
  2. (8.P.3A.2) Properties of Waves
  3. (8.P.3A.3) Behavior of Waves
  4. (8.P.3A.4) Intersecting Mechanical Waves
  5. (8.P.3A.5) Color Perception
  6. (8.P.3A.6) Technological Advancements
  1. (8.E.4.A.1.) Galaxies, Stars, and the Universe
  2. (8.E.4A.2) Development of the Universe
  3. (8.E.4B.1) Motion of Solar System Objects
  4. (8.E.4B.2) Effects of Gravity
  5. (8.E.4B.3) Seasons
  6. (8.E.4B.4) Earth Phenomena
  7. (8.E.4B.5) Data from Technologies
  8. (8.E.4B.6) Features of the Sun
  1. (8.E.5.A.1.) Weathering, Erosion, Deposition
  2. (8.E.5A.2) Formation of Rock Types
  3. (8.E.5A.3) Earth's Layers
  4. (8.E.5A.4) Plate Tectonics
  5. (8.E.5A.5) Distribution, Earthquakes, and Ocean Floor Features
  6. (8.E.5B.1) Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  7. (8.E.5B.2) Forces Inside Earth
  8. (8.E.5B.3) Catastrophic Event
  9. (8.E.5C.1) Properties of Minerals
  1. (8.E.6.A.1.) Geologic Time Scale
  2. (8.E.6A.2) Index Fossil Records
  3. (8.E.6A.3) Effects of Catastrophic Events
  4. (8.E.6A.4) Using Fossils as Evidence
  5. (8.E.6A.5) Lack of Fossilization
  6. (8.E.6B.1) Adaptations and Variations
  7. (8.E.6B.2) Contributions to Extinction

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