South Dakota Naturalization Test Practice

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American Government57%
American History31%
Integrated Civics12%
  • Questions: 562
  • Two-Part Items: 12
  • Vocabulary Terms: 148
  • Performance Tasks: 79
  • Instructional Videos: 69

Test Standards

American Government
1. (AG.A.1-3)  The Constitution
2. (AG.A.4-7)  Amendments
3. (AG.A.8&9)  Declaration Of Independence
4. (AG.A.10-12)  Freedoms
5. (AG.B.13-15)  Separation Of Powers
6. (AG.B.16-25)  The Legislative Branch
7. (AG.B.26-36)  The Executive Branch
8. (AG.B.37-40)  The Judicial Branch
9. (AG.B.41&42)  Federalism
10. (AG.B.43-47)  Current Politics
11. (AG.C.48-51)  Rights
12. (AG.C.52-57)  Responsibilities
American History
1. (AH.A.58-60)  Establishment Of The U.S.
2. (AH.A.61-64)  The American Revolution
3. (AH.A.65-70)  Making The Constitution
4. (AH.B.71-77)  The 1800s
5. (AH.C.78-82)  The World Wars
6. (AH.C.83-87)  After World War II
Integrated Civics
1. (IC.A.88-95)  Geography
2. (IC.B.96-98)  Symbols
3. (IC.C.99&100)  Holidays