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Middle School

Naturalization Test Practice

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  • Questions 609
  • Vocabulary Terms 149
  • Performance Tasks 82
  • Instructional Videos 70

Test Standards

  1. (AG.A.1-3) The Constitution
  2. (AG.A.4-7) Amendments
  3. (AG.A.8&9) Declaration of Independence
  4. (AG.A.10-12) Freedoms
  5. (AG.B.13-15) Separation of Powers
  6. (AG.B.16-25) The Legislative Branch
  7. (AG.B.26-36) The Executive Branch
  8. (AG.B.37-40) The Judicial Branch
  9. (AG.B.41&42) Federalism
  10. (AG.B.43-47) Current Politics
  11. (AG.C.48-51) Rights
  12. (AG.C.52-57) Responsibilities
  1. (AH.A.58-60) Establishment of the U.S.
  2. (AH.A.61-64) The American Revolution
  3. (AH.A.65-70) Making the Constitution
  4. (AH.B.71-77) The 1800s
  5. (AH.C.78-82) The World Wars
  6. (AH.C.83-87) After World War II
  1. (IC.A.88-95) Geography
  2. (IC.B.96-98) Symbols
  3. (IC.C.99&100) Holidays

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