Special Needs

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Creating equitable access for all

Using USATestprep to Deliver Equitable Learning

Ensuring equity in the delivery of education is imperative for all schools. From ESL students to students with disabilities and IEPs, to underserved communities lacking WiFi or personal at-home devices, we work with educators to allow for all students to access the same information and engage in appropriate learning experiences.

This document provides a quick overview of how to accommodate special learning needs using USATestprep. Of special note:

  • Spanish translation for practice questions and vocabulary
  • Spanish translation for generated tests and assessments
  • Audio read-aloud for questions, answer choices, and passages
  • Ability to eliminate and reactivate answer choices
  • Highlighter tool for assessments and USATestprep generated tests
  • Video transcripts for all instructional mini-lessons
  • Printable resources including assessments with larger font size options and increased spacing between questions

Teachers can also create quizzes and assessments to meet the needs of the majority of students, then duplicate and edit settings to accommodate specific learning needs (control difficulty, reduce answer choices, offer multiple attempts, etc.).

If we can help train your teachers on any of the above or answer questions, please contact us.