Teacher Certification Program

Get Certified with USATestprep's Progress Learning Platform!

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Become the USATestprep/Progress Learning expert at your school! Our teacher certification program provides an opportunity for all educators to better understand the full range of features available within the Progress Learning platform. With three flexible options, we’ve made it easy for you to unlock the full potential of your subscription.

Option 1: Self-Paced Training and Certification

This option is great for educators who want to go at their own pace, and in their own time.

To begin, select the Self-Paced Training and Certification category from the Help Center. You have two types of certifications based on your role.

Level 1 USATestprep Certified Admin

Admins are administrators of your USATestprep accounts. Admins can manage student and teacher accounts and view school-wide data.

This is recommended for Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional/Academic Coaches, Content Coordinators, Curriculum and Instruction leaders.

To earn Level 1 Admin certification, view the series of five videos - Admin Only, Intro to USATestprep, Assessments, Assignments, and Progress Monitoring - and successfully complete each knowledge check by clicking on the link that follows each video.

Level 1 USATestprep Certified Teacher

This is recommended for Teachers and instructional/Academic Coaches who manage classes, assessments, and other features within the Progress platform.

To earn Level 1 Teacher certification, view the series of four videos - Intro to USATestprep, Assessments, Assignments, Progress Monitoring - and successfully complete the knowledge check by clicking the link that follows each video.

For each passed knowledge check (80% or better), earn a personalized certificate and earn a certification badge upon successful completion of the series. Don’t worry, if you do not pass on the first try, you will be able to retake the checks.

Option 2: One-Hour Live Training Session

This option allows teachers to attend a live, interactive session with our trainers. You’ll be able to ask questions during this session. To complete certification, you’ll complete a short, quiz-style knowledge check.

  • For Level 1 teacher certification, register and attend a New User Training session offered once per week. Training Calendar
  • For Level 1 Admin certification, register and attend a New User Training session and an Admin session Training Calendar

After the session, the knowledge check will be available on a slide at the end of the session and the link will be shared in a follow-up email. Pass the Knowledge Check (75% or better) to earn a personalized certificate and to earn a certification badge.

Option 3: Attend a bi-annual conference online

Signing up around the time of one of our bi-annual conferences? Attend a session with the “Certification Approved Session” flag sessions during our Fall and/or Winter conferences to get certified. Our next one is August 24th, 2021 - visit our registration page for more information.

Take the knowledge check associated with that session. Earn a personalized certificate and earn a certification badge upon passing each check.


Question: What if I am unable to attend during the scheduled times?

Answer: Register and you’ll receive a recording of all sessions.

Question: Should more than one person from my school attend?

Answer: As every teacher and classroom is different, we strongly encourage the attendance of all USATestprep users from your school.

Question: Can I attend more than one session?

Answer: You can attend as many sessions as you like!

Question: Where can I get more help resources when I am using USATestprep?


Recent Webinars


Berrien HS
Berrien High School, Georgia

Dr. Lacey Wynn

"I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL your professional learning webinars. Thank you so much for helping me understand how to utilize USA Test Prep to ensure my students are successful on the Biology EOCT. I appreciate all you do."

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 10.57.19 AM.png
Staley High School, Missouri

Math teacher

"THANK YOU! Many of my Intermediate Algebra students have told me they really prefer the autonomy GDC to “traditional” math classes. I really appreciate the PD support of USATP."


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Linda Porter

Training Manager with 25 years of Classroom Teaching and Academic Coaching Experience

Haley Harper

USATestprep Training Manager