Technology-Enhanced Performance Tasks

USATestprep offers a variety of higher order assessments with our technology-enhanced Performance Tasks. All of these check student comprehension beyond standard multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank but are still instantly and automatically graded. We are constantly developing new Performance Tasks to match Common Core and state-specific assessments. While we offer a complete range of subjects, Math and ELA are in the most demand.

Choose All

The student is directed to select all of the correct answers from among a number of options.


The student is required to drag and drop selected text examples into the correct categories.


The student is asked to select and highlight sections of text that pertain to specific examples or answer particular questions.


The student is told to drag and drop identifying labels on the appropriate parts of an image, graph or diagram.


The student is charged with properly matching terms or phrases with their corresponding definitions or examples.


The student is called on to move the appropriate text or phrase into the incomplete parts of a passage.


The student is directed to place examples in order based on identified criteria.


The student is required to chronologically order a set of jumbled events.