Test Prep Questions

USATestprep offers more than just multi-choice questions. Our learning suite includes performance tasks, self-directed activities, and multiple question types - all aligned to your state's standards, including Common Core.

Practice Question Database

We have developed the industry's leading question database to eliminate repetitive questions and offer the highest quality educational content. Teachers and administrators can use our 150,000+ questions to build their own quizzes and assessments.

Instant Feedback

Students get more than "right or wrong." Instead, they receive in-depth explanations that turn test-taking into true learning.

Performance Tasks

These tech-enhanced items have students apply their knowledge by classifying, ordering, labeling, or doing other on-screen tasks.

Vocabulary Items

Use our huge vocabulary database and accompanying knowledge assessments for each subject area the students can access.

Free Response Questions

Our extended response go beyond multiple choice to assess the students' deeper understanding of a topic.

Selected Response

Assign students multi-choice questions when creating a test or quiz.

Constructed Response

When creating tests and quizzes teachers may choose from short answer or multiple choice items.