Tennessee 6th Grade Science (DCI) Practice

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Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics30%
Unity and Diversity10%
Earth’s Systems25%
Earth and Human Activity10%
Engineering Design10%
  • Questions: 982
  • Two-Part Items: 19
  • Vocabulary Terms: 197
  • Performance Tasks: 80
  • Instructional Videos: 30

Test Standards

1. (6.PS3.1)  Energy Sources
2. (6.PS3.2)  Potential And Kinetic Energy
3. (6.PS3.3)  Kinetic Energy And Mass
4. (6.PS3.4)  Radiation, Conduction, And Convection
Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
1. (6.LS2.1)  Population Size
2. (6.LS2.2)  Ecosystem Interactions
3. (6.LS2.3)  Food Webs And Energy Pyramids
4. (6.LS2.4)  Biomes
5. (6.LS2.5)  Invasive Species
6. (6.LS2.6)  Ecosystems Change Over Time
7. (6.LS2.7)  Survival
Unity and Diversity
1. (6.LS4.1-2)  Biodiversity
Earth’s Systems
1. (6.ESS2.1)  Oceanic Convection Currents
2. (6.ESS2.2)  Uneven Heating
3. (6.ESS2.3)  Climate And Heat Transfer
4. (6.ESS2.4)  Hydrologic Cycle
5. (6.ESS2.5)  Weather Data
6. (6.ESS2.6)  Weather Conditions And Storms
Earth and Human Activity
1. (6.ESS3.1)  Renewable And Nonrenewable Resources
2. (6.ESS3.2)  Alternative Energy Sources
3. (6.ESS3.3)  Human Impacts
Engineering Design
1. (6.ETS1.1)  Maintaining Biodiversity And Ecosystems
2. (6.ETS1.2)  Energy Transfer