TCAP Biology I EOC Practice and Review

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Flow of Matter and Energy18%
Biodiversity and Change12%
Inquiry, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics12%
  • Questions: 2,553
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 178
  • Instructional Videos: 87
  • Vocabulary Terms: 401

Test Standards

1. (SPI.3210.1.1)  Cellular Organelles Processes
2. (SPI.3210.1.2)  Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells
3. (SPI.3210.1.3)  Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic Acids
4. (SPI.3210.1.4)  Tests Carbohydrates, Lipids, And Proteins
5. (SPI.3210.1.5)  Enzymes Control Chemical Reactions
6. (SPI.3210.1.6)  Cell Growth And Reproduction
7. (SPI.3210.1.7)  Movement Water Across Membranes
8. (SPI.3210.1.8)  Active And Passive Transport
1. (SPI.3210.2.1)  Population Changes
2. (SPI.3210.2.2)  Environmental Factors And Fluctuations
3. (SPI.3210.2.3)  Ecosystem Carrying Capacity
4. (SPI.3210.2.4)  Human Activities Affect Environment
5. (SPI.3210.2.5)  Biodiversity Environmental Changes
6. (SPI.3210.2.6)  Environmental Change Species Extinction
7. (SPI.3210.2.7)  Biological Succession Changes
Flow of Matter and Energy
1. (SPI.3210.3.1)  Energy Flow In Ecosystem
2. (SPI.3210.3.2)  Aerobic And Anaerobic Respiration
3. (SPI.3210.3.3)  Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration
4. (SPI.3210.3.4)  Biogeochemical Cycle Changes
1. (SPI.3210.4.1)  DNA Structure Function
2. (SPI.3210.4.2)  DNA Replication
3. (SPI.3210.4.3)  Protein Synthesis
4. (SPI.3210.4.4)  Trait Probability
5. (SPI.3210.4.5)  Apply Pedigree Data
6. (SPI.3210.4.6)  Meiosis Egg Sperm
7. (SPI.3210.4.7)  Genetic Variation
8. (SPI.3210.4.8)  Genetic Disorders
9. (SPI.3210.4.9)  Gene Technologies Science Ethics
Biodiversity and Change
1. (SPI.3210.5.1)  Structural, Functional, Behavioral Adaptations
2. (SPI.3210.5.2)  Form And Function
3. (SPI.3210.5.3)  Environment, Variation, Natural Selection
4. (SPI.3210.5.4)  Biodiversity
5. (SPI.3210.5.5)  Fossil Record
6. (SPI.3210.5.6)  Classification Systems Infer Relatedness
Inquiry, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
1. (3210.T/E.1)  Tools And Procedures
2. (3210.T/E.2)  Evaluate Engineering Design
3. (3210.T/E.3)  Cost Of Technology
4. (3210.T/E.4)  Technology Improves Life
5. (3210.Math.1)  Interpret Graphs
6. (3210.Math.2.)  Predict Parents
7. (3210 Inq.1)  Extends A Scientific Finding
8. (3210 Inq.2)  Components Of An Investigations
9. (3210 Inq.3.)  Precise And Accurate Data
10. (3210 Inq.4.)  Evaluate Data
11. (3210 Inq.5.)  Defend Conclusion
12. (3210 Inq.6.)  Bias
13. (3210 Inq.7.)  Compare Conclusions