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4th Grade Science TNReady (TNAS) Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our 4th Grade Science TNReady (TNAS) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 994
  • Vocabulary Terms 242
  • Performance Tasks 104
  • Instructional Videos 42

Test Standards

  1. (4.PS3.1) Speed and Energy
  2. (4.PS3.2) Potential and Kinetic Energy
  3. (4.PS3.3) Energy Conversion
  1. (4.PS4.1) Model of a Wave
  2. (4.PS4.2) Light and Colors
  3. (4.PS4.3) Humans Use Waves
  1. (4.LS2.1) Photosynthesis
  2. (4.LS2.2) Food Chains
  3. (4.LS2.3) Roles of Organisms
  4. (4.LS2.4) Ecosystem Balance
  5. (4.LS2.5) Survive and reproduce
  1. (4.LS4.1) Fossils
  1. (4.ESS1.1) Erosion and Deposition
  2. (4.ESS1.2) Earth's Orbit and Patterns
  1. (4.ESS2.1) Mechanical Weathering
  2. (4.ESS2.2) Interpret Maps
  3. (4.ESS2.3) Organisms Affect Physical Characteristics
  4. (4.ESS2.4) Layers of the Earth
  1. (4.ESS3.1) Energy and Fuel
  2. (4.ESS3.2) Human Impact
  1. (4.ETS1.1) Effectiveness of Design Solutions
  1. (4.ETS2.1) Tools
  2. (4.ETS2.2) Multiple Solutions
  3. (4.ETS2.3) Improve Existing Technology

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