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5th Grade Science TNReady (TNAS) Practice

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  • Questions 949
  • Vocabulary Terms 135
  • Performance Tasks 78
  • Instructional Videos 38

Test Standards

  1. (5.PS1.1) Physical Properties
  2. (5.PS1.2) Conservation or Matter
  3. (5.PS1.3) Rate of Dissolving
  4. (5.PS1.4) Mixing and Change
  1. (5.PS2.1) Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  2. (5.PS2.2) Motion
  3. (5.PS2.3) Gravitational Force on the Earth
  4. (5.PS2.4) Mass and Distance on Gravity
  5. (5.PS2.5) Forces and Patterns
  1. (5.LS1.1) Animal Responses
  1. (5.LS3.1) Inherited vs Learned
  2. (5.LS3.2) Inheritance
  1. (5.LS4.1) Fossils
  2. (5.LS4.2) Advantages
  1. (5.ESS1.1) Apparent Brightness
  2. (5.ESS1.2) Milky Way
  3. (5.ESS1.3) Solar System
  4. (5.ESS1.4) Positions of Earth, Sun, and Moon
  5. (5.ESS1.5) Earth's Axis
  6. (5.ESS1.6) Stars and Constellations
  7. (5.ESS1.7) Fossils and Rock Strata
  1. (5.ETS1.1) Solve a Problem
  2. (5.ETS1.2) Prototypes
  3. (5.ETS1.3) Failure
  1. (5.ETS2.1 and 3) New and Improved Technology
  2. (5.ETS2.2) New Tools

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