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Biology TNReady (TNAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,708
  • Vocabulary Terms 300
  • Performance Tasks 125
  • Instructional Videos 66

Test Standards

  1. (BIO1.LS1.1) Characteristics of Life
  2. (BIO1.LS1.2) Organic Molecules
  3. (BIO1.LS1.3) DNA
  4. (BIO1.LS1.4) Protein Synthesis
  5. (BIO1.LS1.5) Protein Structure and Function
  6. (BIO1.LS1.6) Cell Cycle
  7. (BIO1.LS1.7) Cell Transport
  8. (BIO1.LS1.8) Photosynthesis
  9. (BIO1.LS1.9) Cellular Respiration
  1. (BIO1.LS2.1) Populations
  2. (BIO1.LS2.2) Carbon Cycle
  3. (BIO1.LS2.3) Biogeochemical Cycles
  4. (BIO1.LS2.4) Conservation of Energy and Matter
  5. (BIO1.LS2.5) Ecological Succession
  1. (BIO1.LS3.1) Meiosis and Types of Reproduction
  2. (BIO1.LS3.2) Mutations
  3. (BIO1.LS3.3) Trait Inheritance
  1. (BIO1.LS4.1) Evidence for Evolution
  2. (BIO1.LS4.2) Allele Frequencies
  3. (BIO1.LS4.3) Biodiversity
  1. (BIO1.ETS2.1) Biotechnology
  2. (BIO1.ETS2.2) Karyotypes
  3. (BIO1.ETS2.3) Science vs Ethics

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