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English II TNReady (TNAS) Practice

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  • Questions 5,323
  • Vocabulary Terms 242
  • Performance Tasks 288
  • Instructional Videos 99

Test Standards

  1. (9-10.RL.KID.1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (9-10.RL.KID.2) Determine theme/central idea
  3. (9-10.RL.KID.3) Complex characters
  4. (9-10.RL.CS.5) Author's choices
  5. (9-10.RL.CS.6) Point of view/cultural experience
  6. (9-10.RL.IKI.9) Source material
  1. (9-10.RI.KID.1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (9-10.RI.KID.2) Central idea
  3. (9-10.RI.KID.3) Key ideas and events
  4. (9-10.RI.CS.5) Author's ideas/claims
  5. (9-10.RI.CS.6) Point of view/purpose
  6. (9-10.RI.IKI.8) Reasoning and evidence
  7. (9-10.RI.IKI.9) Significant documents
  1. (9-10.RL.CS.4) Meaning of words/phrases
  2. (9-10.RI.CS.4) Meaning of words/phrases
  3. (L.9-10.4.a) Use context
  4. (L.9-10.4.b) Patterns of word changes
  5. (L.9-10.4.c) Consult reference materials
  6. (L.9-10.5.a) Interpret figures of speech
  7. (L.9-10.5.b) Analyze nuances
  1. (W.9-10.1a) Precise Claims
  2. (W.9-10.1b) Develop Claims
  3. (W.9-10.1c) Link Sections
  4. (W.9-10.1d) Formal style
  5. (W.9-10.1e) Concluding Statement
  6. (W.9-10.2a) Introduce Topic
  7. (W.9-10.2b) Develop Topic
  8. (W.9-10.2c) Use Transitions
  9. (W.9-10.2d) Language and Vocab
  10. (W.9-10.2e) Objective Tone
  11. (W.9-10.2f) Concluding Statement
  12. (W.9-10.3a) Engage and orient
  13. (W.9-10.3b) Narrative techniques
  14. (W.9-10.3c) Sequence Events
  15. (W.9-10.3d) Vivid Picture
  16. (W.9-10.3e) Conclusion
  17. (W.9-10.7) Research
  1. (L.9-10.1.a) Parallel structure
  2. (L.9-10.1.b) Types of phrases/clauses
  3. (L.9-10.2.a) Use a semicolon
  4. (L.9-10.2.b) Use a colon
  5. (L.9-10.2.c) Spell correctly
  6. (L.9-10.3.a) Write and edit work

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