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Physical Science (TNAS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,154
  • Vocabulary Terms 381
  • Performance Tasks 235
  • Instructional Videos 116

Test Standards

  1. (PSCI.PS1.1) Kinetic Molecular Theory
  2. (PSCI.PS1.2) Gases
  3. (PSCI.PS1.3) Classifications of Matter
  4. (PSCI.PS1.4) Physical and Chemical Changes
  5. (PSCI.PS1.5) Modern Atomic Theory
  6. (PSCI.PS1.6) Isotopes and Elements
  7. (PSCI.PS1.7) Periodic Table
  8. (PSCI.PS1.8) How Elements Combine
  9. (PSCI.PS1.9) Binary Ionic Compounds
  10. (PSCI.PS1.10) Conservation of Mass
  11. (PSCI.PS1.11) Types of Reactions
  12. (PSCI.PS1.12) pH
  13. (PSCI.PS1.13) Acid Rain
  14. (PSCI.PS1.14) Fission, Fusion, and Radioactive Decay
  15. (PSCI.PS1.15) Nuclear Energy
  1. (PSCI.PS2.1) One-Dimensional Kinematics
  2. (PSCI.PS2.2) Constant Velocity and Acceleration
  3. (PSCI.PS2.3) Free-Body Diagrams
  4. (PSCI.PS2.4) F=ma
  5. (PSCI.PS2.5) Conservation of Momentum
  6. (PSCI.PS2.6) Minimize Force on Collisions
  7. (PSCI.PS2.7) Electromagnet
  1. (PSCI.PS3.1) Forms of Energy
  2. (PSCI.PS3.2) Thermal Energy
  3. (PSCI.PS3.3-4) Simple Machines
  4. (PSCI.PS3.5) Closed Systems
  5. (PSCI.PS3.6) Specific Heat
  6. (PSCI.PS3.7) Ohm's Law
  7. (PSCI.PS3.8) Transfer Thermal Energy
  8. (PSCI.PS3.9) Reacting Substances
  1. (PSCI.PS4.1) Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
  2. (PSCI.PS4.2) Mechanical Waves
  3. (PSCI.PS4.3) Properties of Waves
  4. (PSCI.PS4.4) Electromagnetic Spectrum
  5. (PSCI.PS4.5) Electromagnetic Waves in Modern Technology

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