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8th Grade Math TNReady (TNAS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,407
  • Vocabulary Terms 179
  • Performance Tasks 139
  • Instructional Videos 77

Test Standards

  1. (8.EE.A.1) Integer Exponents
  2. (8.NS.A.1) Irrational Numbers
  3. (8.EE.A.2) Square Root
  4. (8.NS.A.2) Rational Approximations
  5. (8.EE.A.3) Powers of 10
  6. (8.EE.A.4) Scientific Notation
  7. (8.EE.A.5) Proportional Relationships
  8. (8.EE.A.6) Similar Triangles
  1. (8.F.A.1) Function as Rule
  2. (8.F.A.2) Compare Functions
  3. (8.F.A.3) Interpret Equation
  4. (8.F.B.4) Function Model
  5. (8.F.B.5) Functional Relationship
  1. (8.EE.C.7a) Linear Examples
  2. (8.EE.C.7b) Rational Coefficients
  3. (8.EE.C.8a) System Solutions
  4. (8.EE.C.8b) Solve Systems
  5. (8.EE.C.8c) Solve problems
  1. (8.G.A.1) Rigid Transformations
  2. (8.SP.A.1) Bivariate Data
  3. (8.SP.A.2) Straight Lines
  4. (8.SP.A.3) Linear Model
  5. (8.SP.A.4) Patterns of Association
  6. (8.G.A.2) Congruence
  7. (8.G.A.3) Coordinates
  8. (8.G.A.4) Similarity
  9. (8.G.A.5) Establish Facts
  10. (8.G.B.6) Explain Proof
  11. (8.G.B.7) Apply Pythagorean Theorem
  12. (8.G.B.8) Pythagorean Theorem Distance
  13. (8.G.C.9) Volume Formulas

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