Tennessee United States Government & Civics Practice

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Principles of U.S. Government15%
Branches of Government8%
The Supreme Court and the Constitution8%
Federal Power9%
Elections and the Political Process12%
Influence of Media6%
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens9%
Fundamentals of a Free Society8%
Civil Rights6%
Federal Government and the Economy6%
Tennessee State and Local Government13%
  • Questions: 1,769
  • Two-Part Items: 14
  • Vocabulary Terms: 609
  • Performance Tasks: 137
  • Instructional Videos: 152

Test Standards

Principles of U.S. Government
1. (GC.1 )  Influences On Government
2. (GC.2)  "Democracy In America"
3. (GC.3)  The Preamble
4. (GC.4, GC.5,GC.7)  Limited Government
5. (CG.6)  Principles Of The Constitution
6. (GC.8)  Maintaining Balance
Branches of Government
1. (GC.9)  Article I
2. (GC.10)  Amending The Constitution
3. (GC.12)  Article II
4. (GC.13)  Article III
The Supreme Court and the Constitution
1. (GC.15)  1st & 14th Amendment Cases
2. (GC.16)  Judicial Activism & Judicial Restraint
3. (GC.17)  Foundational Cases
4. (GC.18)  Civil Rights Cases
5. (GC.19)  A "Living Document"
Federal Power
1. (GC.20)  Conflicts Between Branches
2. (GC.21)  Lawmaking & Lobbying
3. (GC.22)  Court Jurisdictions
4. (GC.23)  Presidential Power
5. (GC.24)  Foreign Affairs
Elections and the Political Process
1. (GC.25)  Political Parties
2. (GC.26)  Presidential Elections
3. (GC.27)  Polls & Campaigns
4. (GC.28,GC.29)  Participation & Direct Democracy
5. (GC.30)  Voter Turnout
6. (GC.31)  The Electoral College
Influence of Media
1. (GC.32)  A Free Press
2. (GC.33)  Roles Of The Media
3. (GC.34)  Public Opinion
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
1. (GC.35)  The Bill Of Rights
2. (GC.36)  Economic Rights
3. (GC.37,GC.38,GC.39)  Obligations & Responsibilities
4. (GC.40)  Becoming A Citizen
Fundamentals of a Free Society
1. (GC.41)  Presidential Speeches
2. (GC.42,GC.43)  Opportunities In A Civil Society
3. (GC.44)  Religion & Diversity
4. (GC.45)  Types Of Government
Civil Rights
1. (GC.46)  The Civil Rights Movement
2. (GC.47)  Women's Rights Movement
3. (GC.48)  Other Rights Movements
Federal Government and the Economy
1. (GC.49,GC.51)  Economic Rights
2. (GC.50)  Fiscal Policies
3. (GC.52,GC.53)  Government Budgets
Tennessee State and Local Government
1. (GC.54,GC.55)  The Tennessee Constitution
2. (GC.56)  Tennessee's Courts
3. (GC.57)  Tennessee's Executive Branch
4. (GC.58,GC.59)  State & Local Relationships
5. (GC.60,GC.61)  Influencing Government
6. (GC.62)  Current Representatives
7. (GC.63)  Tennessee's Governor