Texas Grade 3 Mathematics STAAR® Practice

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Numerical Representations and Relationships26%
Computations and Algebraic Relationships39%
Geometry and Measurement22%
Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy13%
  • Questions: 1,610
  • Two-Part Items: 6
  • Vocabulary Terms: 148
  • Performance Tasks: 89
  • Instructional Videos: 39

Test Standards

Numerical Representations and Relationships
1. (3.2.A)  Compose/decompose Numbers
2. (3.2.B)  Base 10
3. (3.2.C)  Number Line
4. (3.2.D)  Compare Whole Numbers
5. (3.3.A)  Represent Fractions
6. (3.3.B)  Fractions From Points
7. (3.3.C)  Unit Fractions
8. (3.3.D)  Compose/decompose Fractions
9. (3.3.E)  Partitioning
10. (3.3.F)  Equivalent Fractions
11. (3.3.G)  Explain Equivalence
12. (3.3.H)  Compare Fractions
13. (3.4.I)  Even Or Odd
14. (3.7.A)  Represent As Distances
Computations and Algebraic Relationships
1. (3.4.A)  Solve Problems
2. (3.4.B)  Round
3. (3.4.D)  Groups Of Objects
4. (3.4.E)  Represent Multiplication
5. (3.4.F)  Recall Facts
6. (3.4.G)  Use Algorithms
7. (3.4.H)  Partitioning
8. (3.4.J)  Determine A Quotient
9. (3.4.K)  Solve Problems
10. (3.5.A)  Represent Problems
11. (3.5.B)  Multiplication & Division Problems
12. (3.5.C)  Multiplication As Comparison
13. (3.5.D)  Determine Unknown
14. (3.5.E)  Represent Relationships
Geometry and Measurement
1. (3.6.A)  Classify Figures
2. (3.6.B)  Use Attributes
3. (3.6.C)  Rectangle Areas
4. (3.6.D)  Composite Figures
5. (3.6.E)  Decompose Figures
6. (3.7.B)  Perimeter
7. (3.7.C)  Time Intervals
8. (3.7.D)  Volume Or Weight
9. (3.7.E)  Determine Volume And Weight
Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy
1. (3.4.C)  Coins And Bills
2. (3.8.A)  Summarize Data
3. (3.8.B)  Solve Problems
4. (3.9.A)  Labor And Income
5. (3.9.B)  Scarcity And Cost
6. (3.9.D)  Credit
7. (3.9.E)  Saving