Texas Grade 4 Science (TEKS) Practice

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Matter and Energy25%
Force, Motion, and Energy25%
Earth and Space 25%
Organisms and Environment25%
  • Questions: 953
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 93
  • Instructional Videos: 48
  • Vocabulary Terms: 184

Test Standards

Matter and Energy
1. (5A)  Physical Properties Of Matter
2. (5B)  Changes Caused By Heating & Cooling
3. (5C)  Compare & Contrast Mixtures & Solutions
Force, Motion, and Energy
1. (6A)  Forms Of Energy
2. (6B)  Conductors & Insulators
3. (6C)  Electricity
4. (6D)  Effects Of Force
Earth and Space
1. (7A)  Properties Of Soils
2. (7B)  Slow Changes To Earth's Surface
3. (7C)  Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
4. (8A)  Weather
5. (8B)  Water Cycle
6. (8C)  Identify Sequences & Predict Patterns Of Change
Organisms and Environment
1. (9A)  Producers & Consumers
2. (9B)  Flow Of Energy Through Food Webs
3. (10A)  Adaptation
4. (10B)  Likenesses
5. (10C)  Life Cycles