Texas Grade 5 Mathematics STAAR® Practice

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Numerical Representations and Relationships16%
Computations and Algebraic Relationships48%
Geometry and Measurement24%
Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy12%
  • Questions: 1,868
  • Two-Part Items: 9
  • Vocabulary Terms: 191
  • Performance Tasks: 118
  • Instructional Videos: 58

Test Standards

Numerical Representations and Relationships
1. (5.2.A)  Represent Value
2. (5.2.B)  Compare And Order
3. (5.2.C)  Round Decimals
4. (5.4.A)  Prime And Composite
5. (5.4.E)  Parentheses And Brackets
6. (5.4.F)  Simplify
Computations and Algebraic Relationships
1. (5.3.A)  Estimate
2. (5.3.B)  Multiply
3. (5.3.C)  Quotients
4. (5.3.D)  Represent Multiplication
5. (5.3.E)  Products
6. (5.3.F)  Decimal Quotients
7. (5.3.G)  Solve Quotients
8. (5.3.H)  Add/subtract Fractions
9. (5.3.I)  Whole Number And Fraction
10. (5.3.J)  Divide By Whole Number
11. (5.3.K)  Add/subtract Rationals
12. (5.3.L)  Whole Numbers And Unit Fraction
13. (5.4.B)  Multi-step Problems
14. (5.4.C)  Numerical Pattern
15. (5.4.D)  Pattern Differences
Geometry and Measurement
1. (5.4.H)  Perimeter And Area
2. (5.5.A)  Classify Figures
3. (5.6.A)  Unit Cube
4. (5.6.B)  Prism Volume
5. (5.7.A)  Conversions
6. (5.8.A)  Coordinate Plane
7. (5.8.B)  Graph Ordered Pairs
8. (5.8.C)  Graph From Problems
Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy
1. (5.9.A)  Categorical Data
2. (5.9.B)  Scatterplot
3. (5.9.C)  Frequency Table
4. (5.10.A)  Tax
5. (5.10.B)  Gross And Net Income
6. (5.10.E)  Budget
7. (5.10.F)  Balance A Budget