Grade 5 Reading STAAR Practice and Test Prep

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Understanding Across Genres22%
Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts41%
Understanding and Analysis of Informational Texts37%
  • Questions: 1,564
  • Two-Part Items: 0
  • Vocabulary Terms: 147
  • Performance Tasks: 92
  • Instructional Videos: 44

Test Standards

Understanding Across Genres
1. (2.A)  Roots And Affixes
2. (2.B)  Use Context
3. (2.E)  Determine Meanings
4. (3.A)  Compare And Contrast
5. (19.F)  Make Connections
Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts
1. (3.B)  Origin Myths
2. (2.C)  Effects Of Historical Events
3. (4.A)  Sound Effects
4. (5)  Inferences And Conclusions
5. (6.A)  Describe Incidents
6. (6.B)  Roles And Functions Of Characters
7. (6.C)  Third-person Points Of View
8. (7.A)  Literary Language And Devices
9. (8.A)  Sensory Details
10. (14.C)  Point Of View
Understanding and Analysis of Informational Texts
1. (19.D)  Make Inferences
2. (19.E)  Summarize And Paraphrase
3. (10.A)  Draw Conclusions
4. (11.A)  Main Ideas And Supporting Details
5. (11.B)  Determine Facts
6. (11.C)  Organizational Pattern
7. (11.D)  Text Features And Graphics
8. (11.E)  Logical Connections
9. (12.A)  Author's Viewpoint
10. (12.B)  Misleading Statements
11. (13.A)  Interpret Details
12. (13.B)  Factual Or Quantitative Information
13. (14.C)  Point Of View
14. (19.D)  Make Inferences
15. (19.E)  Summarize And Paraphrase