Texas Grade 7 Reading STAAR® Practice

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Understanding Across Genres20%
Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Texts42%
Comprehension and Analysis of Informational Texts38%
Also includes:
  • Writing
  • Questions: 3,533
  • Two-Part Items: 12
  • Vocabulary Terms: 356
  • Performance Tasks: 265
  • Instructional Videos: 120

Test Standards

Understanding Across Genres
1. (110.19.b.2.A)  Word Meaning
2. (110.19.b.2.B)  Determine Word Meaning
3. (110.19.b.2.E)  Dictionary, Glossary, Thesaurus
4. (110.19.b.7.A)  Autobiography/diary Vs Adaptation
5. (110.19.b.9.A)  Theme Vs Authors Purpose
6. (110.19.b.F19.F)  Text Connections
Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Texts
1. (110.19.b.3.A)  Describe Multiple Themes
2. (110.19.b.3.B)  Myth & Epic Tale Conventions
3. (110.19.b.3.C)  Place & Time Influences Theme
4. (110.19.b.4.A)  Graphical Elements
5. (110.19.b.5.A)  Dialogue & Stage Directions
6. (110.19.b.6.A)  Setting
7. (110.19.b.6.B)  Plot Development
8. (110.19.b.6.C)  Analyze Point Of View
9. (110.19.b.8.A)  Determine Figurative Meaning
10. (110.19.b.13.A)  Explicit & Implicit Messages
11. (110.19.b.13.C)  Media Influences Audiences
12. (110.19.b.13.D)  Assess Formality
13. (110.19.b.F19.D)  Make Complex Inferences
14. (110.19.b.F19.E)  Summarize, Paraphrase, & Synthesize
Comprehension and Analysis of Informational Texts
1. (110.19.b.10.A)  Evaluate Text Summary
2. (110.19.b.10.B)  Distinguish Factual Claims
3. (110.19.b.10.C)  Organizational Patterns
4. (110.19.b.10.D)  Text Connections
5. (110.19.b.11.A)  Analyze Structure
6. (110.19.b.11.B)  Identify Rhetorical Fallacies
7. (110.19.b.12.B)  Text Graphical Components
8. (110.19.b.13.A)  Interpret Explicit & Implicit Messages
9. (110.19.b.F19.D)  Make Complex Inferences
10. (110.19.b.F19.E)  Summarize, Paraphrase, & Synthesize Text
1. (14.B)  Develop Drafts
2. (14.C)  Revise Drafts
3. (14.D)  Edit Drafts
4. (17.A)  Write An Essay
5. (18.A)  Persuasive: Thesis
6. (18.C)  Persuasive: Audience And Evidence
7. (19.A.i-ii)  Verbs And Appositives
8. (19.A.iii-iv)  Adverbial/adjectival & Conjunctive Adverbs
9. (19.A.v-vi)  Prepositions And Pronouns
10. (19.A.vii-viii)  Conjunctions, Transitions
11. (19.B)  Sentences And Clauses
12. (19.C)  Variety Of Sentences
13. (20.A)  Capitalization
14. (20.B)  Punctuation
15. (21.A)  Spelling