Texas English III (TEKS) Practice

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Understanding and Analysis Across Genres15%
Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts21%
Understanding and Analysis of Informational Texts21%
  • Questions: 3,732
  • Two-Part Items: 7
  • Vocabulary Terms: 316
  • Performance Tasks: 173
  • Instructional Videos: 104

Test Standards

Understanding and Analysis Across Genres
1. (1.A)  Word Meaning
2. (1.B)  Analyze Textual Context
3. (1.C)  Analogies Analysis
4. (1.D)  Cognates
5. (1.E)  Dictionaries
6. (9.D)  Synthesize Ideas
7. (F19.B)  Make Complex Inferences
Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts
1. (2.A)  Selection Theme Or Meaning
2. (2.B)  Characters & Text Structures
3. (2.C)  Relate Main Ideas
4. (3.A)  Metrics, Rhyme Schemes
5. (4.A )  Themes And Characteristics
6. (5.A)  Plot And Setting
7. (5.B)  Characters Development
8. (5.C)  Narration Impact
9. (6.A)  Rhetorical Techniques
10. (7.A)  Analyze Allusions
11. (12.A)  Media Reflect Views
12. (12.D)  Formality & Tone Changes
13. (F19.B)  Make Complex Inferences
Understanding and Analysis of Informational Texts
1. (8.A)  Style, Tone, And Diction
2. (9.A)  Summarize Text
3. (9.B)  Inductive & Deductive Reasoning
4. (9.C)  Subtle Inferences
5. (10.A)  Persuasive Text Tone
6. (11.A)  Sequence Logic
7. (11.B)  Translate Information
8. (12.A)  Media Reflect Views
9. (12.D)  Evaluate Changes
10. (19.B)  Make Complex Inferences
1. (13.C)  Revise Drafts
2. (15.A)  Analytical Essay
3. (110.33.b.16.A)  Thesis
4. (16.C)  Organizing Structure
5. (16.E)  Validity & Reliability
6. (16.F)  Language
1. (13.D)  Edit Drafts
2. (17.A)  Clauses & Phrases
3. (17.B)  Structured Sentences
4. (18.A)  Punctuation & Capitalization
5. (19.A)  Spell Correctly