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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Reading STAAR® (TEKS 2017)
Grade 3 Mathematics STAAR®
Grade 3 Science (TEKS-Streamlined)
Grade 3 Social Studies (TEKS)
Aspire English - Grade 3
Aspire Math - Grade 3
Aspire Reading - Grade 3
Aspire Science - Grade 3

4th Grade

4th Grade Reading STAAR® (TEKS 2017)
Grade 4 Writing STAAR®
Grade 4 Mathematics STAAR®
Grade 4 Science (TEKS-Streamlined)
Grade 4 Social Studies (TEKS)
Aspire English - Grade 4
Aspire Math - Grade 4
Aspire Reading - Grade 4
Aspire Science - Grade 4
NAEP Grade 4 Mathematics
NAEP Grade 4 Reading

5th Grade

5th Grade Reading STAAR® (TEKS 2017)
Grade 5 Mathematics STAAR®
Grade 5 Science STAAR®
Grade 5 Social Studies (TEKS)
Aspire English - Grade 5
Aspire Math - Grade 5
Aspire Reading - Grade 5
Aspire Science - Grade 5


Elementary School Writing


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