STAAR® Grade 3 Science Practice

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Matter and Energy 17%
Force, Motion, and Energy 17%
Earth and Space I 17%
Organisms and Environment I 16%
Earth and Space II 17%
Organisms and Environment II 16%
Also includes:
  • Scientific Investigation and Reasoning
  • Questions 1,453
  • Vocabulary Terms 289
  • Performance Tasks 144
  • Instructional Videos 84

Test Standards

Scientific Investigation and Reasoning
1. (1A)  Safety
2. (1B)  Informed Choices
3. (2A)  Plan Investigations
4. (2B)  Collect and Record Data
5. (2C)  Organize Data
6. (2D)  Patterns in Data
7. (2E)  Repeat
8. (2F)  Communicate Conclusions
9. (3A)  Scientific Explanations
10. (3B)  Models
11. (3C)  Scientists and Careers
12. (4)  Tools
Matter and Energy
1. (5A)  Physical Properties of Matter
2. (5B)  Describe & Classify Matter
3. (5C)  Changes in the State of Matter
4. (5D)  Mixtures
Force, Motion, and Energy
1. (6A)  Forms of Energy
2. (6B)  Position & Motion
3. (6C)  Observe Forces
Earth and Space I
1. (7A)  Formation of Soil
2. (7B)  Changes in Earth's Surface - Supporting
3. (7C)  Characteristics of Natural Resources
Organisms and Environment I
1. (9A)  Physical Characteristics
2. (9B)  Flow of Energy
3. (9C)  Environmental Changes
Earth and Space II
1. (8A)  Weather Changes
2. (8B)  The Sun
3. (8C)  Construct Models
4. (8D)  Earth's Planets
Organisms and Environment II
1. (10A)  Structures & Functions of Plants & Animals
2. (10B)  Life Cycles