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3rd Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our 3rd Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 697
  • Vocabulary Terms 220
  • Performance Tasks 48
  • Instructional Videos 45

Test Standards

  1. (3.1.A ) Changing Communities
  2. (3.1.B) Individuals and Communities
  3. (3.1.C) Individuals and New Communities
  4. (3.2.A) Security, Religious Freedom, etc.
  5. (3.2.B) Government, Education, etc.
  1. (3.3.A) The Physical Environment
  2. (3.3.B) Adapting to the Environment
  3. (3.3.C) Human Processes
  4. (3.4.A) Locate Places
  5. (3.4.B) Use A Scale
  6. (3.4.C) The Compass Rose
  1. (3.5.A) Getting Money
  2. (3.5.B) Creating a Budget
  3. (3.6.A) Supply, Demand, & Price
  4. (3.6.B) What is Scarcity?
  5. (3.6.C) Cost & Profits
  6. (3.6.D) Important Entrepreneurs
  1. (3.7.A) Structure of Government
  2. (3.7.B) Government Officials
  3. (3.7.C) Government Services
  4. (3.8.A) Important Documents
  5. (3.8.B) Consent of the Governed
  1. (3.9.A) Being a Good Citizen
  2. (3.9.B) Examples of Good Citizenship
  3. (3.9.C) Civic Responsibility
  4. (3.9.D) Nonprofit Groups
  1. (3.10.A) Community Celebrations
  2. (3.10.B) Comparing Celebrations
  3. (3.11.A&B) Heroic Deeds
  4. (3.12) Important Artists
  1. (3.13.A) Important Scientists
  2. (3.13.B) Scientific Breakthroughs

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