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4th Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (4.1.A-D) American Indians in Texas
  2. (4.2.A) European Settlement
  3. (4.2.B) European Explorers
  4. (4.2.C) Spanish Settlements
  5. (4.2.D) Mexican Independence
  6. (4.2.E) Important Empresarios
  7. (4.3.A) The Texas Revolution: Events
  8. (4.3.B) The Texas Revolution: People
  9. (4.3.C&D) The Texas Republic
  10. (4.3.E) The U.S.-Mexican War
  11. (4.4.A) Civil War & Reconstruction
  12. (4.4.B) The Cattle Industry
  13. (4.4.C) Railroads in Texas
  14. (4.4.D) American Indian Challenges
  15. (4.5.A) 20th Century Issues & Events
  16. (4.5.B) The Oil Industry
  1. (4.6.A&B, 4.7.A) Regions of Texas
  2. (4.7.B) Texas Settlement
  3. (4.8.A-C) Environmental Modification
  1. (4.9.A&B) Early Economic Activities
  2. (4.10.A-C) Free Enterprise
  3. (4.11.A&B) Economic Regions
  4. (4.11.C) Economic Resources
  5. (4.11.D) Transportation & Communication
  1. (4.12.A) Native American Governance
  2. (4.12.B) Spanish Governance
  3. (4.13.A) Governing the Texas Republic
  4. (4.13.B) The Texas Constitution
  5. (4.13.C) Freedom Week
  1. (4.14.A-C) Texas Patriotic Symbols
  2. (4.14.D) Texas Celebrations
  3. (4.15.A) Civic Individuals
  4. (4.15.B&C,E) Civic Life
  5. (4.15.D) Democratic Individuals
  6. (4.16.A&B) Elected Leaders
  1. (4.17.A) Traditions & Celebrations
  2. (4.17.B) Important Cultural People
  3. (4.18.A&B) Inventors, Scientists, & Technology

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