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STAAR Algebra I Practice and Test Review

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in Texas. Our STAAR Algebra I practice and test review is aligned to the most current Texas standards. Request your free trial and see why our users say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates.

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  • Questions 5,378
  • Vocabulary Terms 219
  • Performance Tasks 187
  • Instructional Videos 128

Test Standards

  1. (A.10.A) Add/subtract polynomials
  2. (A.10.B) Multiply polynomials
  3. (A.10.C) Polynomial quotients
  4. (A.10.D) Distributive property
  5. (A.10.E) Factor trinomials
  6. (A.10.F) Binomial patterns
  7. (A.11.B) Laws of exponents
  8. (A.11.A) Radical expressions
  9. (A.12.A) Relations and functions
  10. (A.12.B) Evaluate functions
  11. (A.12.C) Sequences
  12. (A.12.D) nth term
  13. (A.12.E) Solve for a variable
  1. (A.3.A) Determine slope
  2. (A.3.B) Rate of change
  3. (A.3.C) Graph linear functions
  4. (A.3.D) Linear inequalities
  5. (A.3.E) Graph transformations
  6. (A.3.F) Graph systems
  7. (A.3.G) Estimate solutions
  8. (A.3.H) Graph inequality systems
  9. (A.4.A) Correlation coefficient
  10. (A.4.B) Association and causation
  11. (A.4.C) Linear data models
  1. (A.2.A) Domain and range
  2. (A.2.B) Forms of linear equations
  3. (A.2.C) Write linear equations
  4. (A.2.D) Direct variation
  5. (A.2.E) Equation given line and point
  6. (A.2.F) Line perpendicular
  7. (A.2.G) Horizontal and vertical
  8. (A.2.H) Write linear inequalities
  9. (A.2.I) Write linear systems
  10. (A.5.A) Solve linear equations
  11. (A.5.B) Solve linear inequalities
  12. (A.5.C) Solve linear systems
  1. (A.6.A) Domain and range
  2. (A.6.B) Write quadratics
  3. (A.6.C) Equations from solutions
  4. (A.7.A) Quadratic graphs and attributes
  5. (A.7.B) Factors and zeros
  6. (A.7.C) Graph transformations
  7. (A.8.A) Solve quadratics
  8. (A.8.B) Fit quadratics to data
  1. (A.9.A) Domain and range
  2. (A.9.B) Parameters in exponentials
  3. (A.9.C) Write exponential functions
  4. (A.9.D) Graph exponential functions
  5. (A.9.E) Fit exponential functions

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