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TX EOC Algebra II Practice and Test Prep

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in Texas. Our Texas EOC Algebra II practice and test review is aligned to the most current Texas standards. Request your free trial and see why our users say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates.

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  • Questions 2,905
  • Vocabulary Terms 179
  • Performance Tasks 133
  • Instructional Videos 113

Test Standards

  1. (2A.2.A) Parent functions
  2. (2A.2.B) Inverse functions
  3. (2A.2.C) Function/inverse relationship
  4. (2A.2.D) Function composition
  1. (2A.3.A) Formulate systems
  2. (2A.3.B) Systems of three
  3. (2A.3.C) Nonlinear systems
  4. (2A.3.D) Reasonableness of solutions
  5. (2A.3.E) Formulate systems
  6. (2A.3.F) Systems of inequalities
  7. (2A.3.G) Possible solutions
  1. (2A.4.A) Write quadratic function
  2. (2A.4.B) Write equation of a parabola
  3. (2A.4.C) Transform square root
  4. (2A.4.D) Vertex form
  5. (2A.4.E) Formulate equations
  6. (2A.4.F) Solve quadratic and square root equations
  7. (2A.4.G) Extraneous solutions
  8. (2A.4.H) solve quadratic inequalities
  1. (2A.5.A) Transform graphs
  2. (2A.5.B) Formulate equations
  3. (2A.5.C) Rewrite equations
  4. (2A.5.D) Solve exponential equations
  5. (2A.5.E) Reasonableness of solutions
  1. (2A.6.A) Transform graphs
  2. (2A.6.B) Cube root equations
  3. (2A.6.C) Transform absolute value
  4. (2A.6.D) Absolute value equations
  5. (2A.6.E) Solve absolute value equations
  6. (2A.6.F) Absolute value inequalities
  7. (2A.6.G) Transform 1/x
  8. (2A.6.H) Formulate rational equations
  9. (2A.6.I) Solve rational equations
  10. (2A.6.J) Reasonableness of solutions
  11. (2A.6.K) Domain restrictions
  12. (2A.6.L) Inverse variation
  1. (2A.7.A) Complex numbers
  2. (2A.7.B) Polynomials
  3. (2A.7.C) Polynomial quotients
  4. (2A.7.D) Polynomial factors
  5. (2A.7.E) Linear and quadratic factors
  6. (2A.7.F) Rational expressions
  7. (2A.7.G) Radical expressions
  8. (2A.7.H) Rational exponents
  9. (2A.7.I) Domain and range
  1. (2A.8.A) Select model
  2. (2A.8.B) Regression
  3. (2A.8.C) Predict and decide

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