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Economics (TEKS Streamlined) Practice

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  • Questions 1,276
  • Vocabulary Terms 272
  • Performance Tasks 86
  • Instructional Videos 83

Test Standards

  1. (1.A-D) Scarcity & Opportunity Cost
  2. (2.A-C) Supply, Demand, & Price
  3. (3.A-C) Absolute & Comparative Advantage
  4. (4.A-C) Economic Systems
  5. (5.A&B) Free Enterprise
  6. (6.A&B) Private Property
  7. (7.A&B) Circular Flow
  8. (8.A&B) Market Structures
  9. (9.A&B) Economic Measurements
  10. (10.A-C) Economic Growth
  11. (11.A-C) The Role of Money
  12. (12.A-D) The Federal Reserve
  13. (13.A&B) Government's Economic Role
  14. (14.A-C) Fiscal Policy
  1. (15.A-B) Types of Businesses
  2. (16.A-D) Financial Institutions
  3. (17.A&B) Individuals & Markets, I
  4. (17.C-F) Individuals & Markets, II
  5. (18.A-D) Financial Decisions
  6. (19.A&B) Budgeting
  7. (20.A-C) Paying for College, I
  8. (20.D&E) Paying for College, II

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