Integrated Physics and Chemistry (TEKS-Streamlined) Practice

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Force and Motion 25%
Energy 25%
Matter 25%
Changes in Matter 25%
  • Questions 2,483
  • Vocabulary Terms 391
  • Performance Tasks 280
  • Instructional Videos 118

Test Standards

Force and Motion
1. (IPC.4.A.)  Motion
2. (IPC.4.B.)  Distance and Speed vs. Time
3. (IPC.4.C.)  Net Force
4. (IPC.4.D.)  Force, Mass, and Acceleration
5. (IPC.4.E.)  Conservation of Momentum
6. (IPC.4.F.)  Gravitational Attraction
7. (IPC.4.G.)  Electrical Force
1. (IPC.5.A.)  Kinetic Energy
2. (IPC.5.B.)  Potential Energy
3. (IPC.5.C.)  Electric and Magnetic Forces
4. (IPC.5.D.)  Conservation of Energy
5. (IPC.5.E.)  Thermal Energy Movement
6. (IPC.5.F.)  Transfer of Electrical Energy
7. (IPC.5.G.)  Waves
8. (IPC.5.H.)  Energy Transformations
9. (IPC.5.I.)  Different Energy Sources
1. (IPC.6.A.)  States of Matter
2. (IPC.6.B.)  Arrangement of Atoms
3. (IPC.6.C.)  Physical and Chemical Properties
4. (IPC.6.D.)  Periodic Table
5. (IPC.6.E.)  Water
6. (IPC.6.F.)  Solubility
Changes in Matter
1. (IPC.7.A.)  Changes in State
2. (IPC.7.B.)  Valence Electrons
3. (IPC.6.C.)  Conservation of Mass
4. (IPC.7.D.)  Exothermic and Endothermic
5. (IPC.7.E.)  Nuclear Reactions
6. (IPC.7.F.)  Environmental and Economic Impact