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Physics TEKS-Streamlined Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our Physics (TEKS Streamlined) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 1,524
  • Vocabulary Terms 309
  • Performance Tasks 142
  • Instructional Videos 75

Test Standards

  1. (Phy.4.A) Generate and Interpret Graphs
  2. (Phy.4.B) Describe and Analyze Motion
  3. (Phy.4.C.) Accelerated Motion
  4. (Phy.4.d) Forces on Objects
  5. (Phy.4.f) Motion
  1. (Phy.5.A) Nuclear Forces
  2. (Phy.5.B) Gravitational Force
  3. (Phy.5.C) Electrical Force
  4. (Phy.5.D) Electric and Magnetic Forces
  5. (Phy.5.E) Conductors or Insulators
  6. (Phy.5.F) Current
  1. (Phy.6.A) Work-Energy Theorem
  2. (Phy.6.B) Kinetic and Potential Energy
  3. (Phy.6.C) Mechanical Energy
  4. (Phy.6.D) Conservation of Energy
  5. (Phy.6.E) Laws of Thermodynamics
  1. (Phy.7.A) Oscillatory Motion and Wave Propagation
  2. (Phy.7.B) Wave Characteristics
  3. (Phy.7.C) Transverse Waves
  4. (Phy.7.D) Wave Behaviors
  5. (Phy.7.E) Image Formation
  1. (Phy.8.A) Photoelectric Effect
  2. (Phy.8.B) Emission of Spectra
  3. (Phy.8.C) Mass-Energy Equivalence
  4. (Phy.8.D) Atomic and Nuclear

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