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Statistics (TEKS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (2.A) Sampling techniques
  2. (2.B) Studies, surveys, experiments
  3. (2.C) Generalizations
  4. (2.D) Statistics and parameters
  5. (2.E) Formulate and conclude
  6. (2.F) Communicate ideas
  7. (2.G) Analyze findings
  1. (3.A) Models
  2. (3.B) Construct model
  3. (3.C) Variability
  4. (3.D) Use distributions
  1. (4.A) Data types
  2. (4.B) Represent data
  3. (4.C) Distribution and outliers
  4. (4.D) Compare representations
  5. (4.E) Summary statistics
  6. (4.F) Two-way tables
  1. (5.A) Probabilities
  2. (5.B) Law of Large Numbers
  3. (5.C) Discrete random variable
  4. (5.D) Compare statistical measures
  1. (6.A) Confidence interval
  2. (6.B) Margin of error
  3. (6.C) Find confidence interval
  4. (6.D) Interval for proportion
  5. (6.E) Interpret intervals
  6. (6.F) Hypothesis test
  7. (6.G) Hypothesis statements
  8. (6.H) P-value
  9. (6.I) Test results
  10. (6.J) Errors
  1. (7.A) Scatterplots
  2. (7.B) Transform parent
  3. (7.C) Compare linear models
  4. (7.D) Best-fit methods
  5. (7.E) Influential points
  6. (7.F) Interpret best-fit

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