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TSIA2 Mathematics Practice

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  • Questions 4,710
  • Vocabulary Terms 317
  • Performance Tasks 270
  • Instructional Videos 189

Test Standards

  1. (QR.1) Math operation
  2. (QR.2) Rounding
  3. (QR.3) Compare numbers
  4. (QR.4) Rationals and irrationals
  5. (QR.5) Solve problems
  6. (QR.6) Proportional relationships
  7. (QR.7) Equations, inequalities, expressions
  1. (AR.1a) Linear equations
  2. (AR.1b) Linear inequalities
  3. (AR.1c) Linear systems
  4. (AR.2) Evaluate linear functions
  5. (AR.3) Quadratic/exponential relaitonships
  6. (AR.4) Equations and expressions
  7. (AR.5) Solve and evaluate
  1. (GSR.1) Units of measurement
  2. (GSR.2) Angles
  3. (GSR.3) Convert units
  4. (GSR.4) Perimeter, area, surface area, volume
  5. (GSR.5) Transformations
  6. (GSR.6) Right triangle trigonometry
  7. (GSR.7) Geometry and algebra
  1. (PSR.1) Sort, count, represent
  2. (PSR.2) Probability
  3. (PSR.3) Center and spread
  4. (PSR.4) Classify data
  5. (PSR.5) Analyze, interpret, conclude

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